Ready to release your hiatal hernia and acid reflux, GERD, or silent reflux symptoms naturally so that you can be pain-free?

Hiatal Hernia Release Training Program

(even when you feel like you've tried everything)


Hiatal Hernia Release Training Program

4-Week Training Program For Gut Resilience









 Have you heard the myth?


Statistics reveal that 60% of adults will have some degree of a hiatal hernia by age 60, and most believe that surgery and medications are the only way to treat them…it doesn’t have to be this way!


How would you like to heal the root cause of your digestive issue instead of putting a bandaid on your symptom?

If you are one of the 60% of women and men suffering from hiatal hernia, you know how much it affects your quality of life.


You have to worry about difficulty breathing, chest pain, and acid reflux.


And you have to live with the fact that you don’t have control over your reactions to food, as though your body is betraying you.


Or, if you’re part of the 60% of older women and men whose life has diminished due to Hiatal Hernia and you find yourself experiencing burning, early fullness when eating, or unable to live your life the way you want.


Plus, you may have experienced the frustrating fact that doctors can't help you — that many have no idea how to help — and some say you need surgery or pills to see improvements.


Many people do not recognize that hiatal hernia can cause  debilitating symptoms:  panic attacks, anxiety, acid reflux, bloating, heart palpitations, difficulty breathing and heart burn.  


If you feel like you have acid reflux…or have painful reactions to foods that you eat…


If you’ve ever said no to something that you wanted to do because of your “digestive issues”…


Or if you’re turning down invitations to social events because you’re afraid to eat… 


Or you’re constantly worried about not being able to breath…


And if it’s uncomfortable to lay down… Or you’ve gained weight and things just haven’t been the same…


Do not despair.


I get you.


I know how distressing all of this is because I’ve been there… but there is a better way.

What Makes My Program Different Then What You Have Tried In The Past?


While helping women and men in my Chicago clinic, I discovered a couple of things…

Many men and women simply don't know that hiatal hernia, acid reflux, GERD, and silent reflux are a SYMPTOM that something is off balance in the holistic composition of their body, mind, spirit. 

Through my work over the last 15 years, I've discovered that there are 5-contributing factors to digestive issue imbalance.

If you are someone who believes that you've 'tried everything'...have you tried to implement these five elements in a holistic manner? 


1. Posture 

A sedentary lifestyle, muscle overuse, or injury can cause misalignment and lead to digestive issues. You can do exercises at home that restore proper alignment and decrease painful digestive problems. These exercises work to restore the proper function of the diaphragm and pelvic floor alignment.


2. Microbiome deficiency 

Your gut bacteria perform so many vital functions that science now calls it 'the forgotten organ.' Motility, inflammation, mood, and food cravings are just some functions of gut bacteria. Antibiotics deplete good gut bacteria even more. Certain strains of gut bacteria help to regulate acid secretion.


3. Diet

Many different diets are used to cure acid reflux, GERD, silent reflux, and hiatal hernia. Unfortunately, one diet might work for one person, but not the other. This is because the root cause varies between people. Understanding which foods you can safely eat can be done through an elimination diet, but elimination diets can be difficult to adopt and full of trial and error.  The last 15 years of my life I have written hundreds of customized diets.  I can help reduce the learning curve for you and connect the dots between your symptoms and reactions.

4. Mind/Emotions/Stress

Our stress response has a powerful influence on digestion. It can stimulate or suppress hydrochloric acid release, contribute to postural distortions that cause digestive issues, and increase inflammation. Regular stress management and mindfulness can drastically reduce your symptoms, but when you're in pain it can be difficult to get you out of a stress response.  In my program you will learn techniques and tools to help retrain your body and your mind.

5.  Nervous System Regulation

A number of research papers demonstrate that abnormal functioning of the autonomic nervous is responsible for the poor emptying of the stomach as well as the ineffective lower esophageal sphincter (the valve between the esophagus and stomach) that allows acid to abnormally splash backwards into the esophagus. In this program you will learn techniques for regulating your nervous system.

6.  Mentorship And A System. 

Have you followed a program that integrates all 5- elements in a provable process? Or, have you been piecemealing an approach, seeing Dr. Google, and trying one supplement after the other?  

What I shared may seem like a lot, but if you have 30-minutes a day to dedicate to personal practice and if you eat a meal a day, you can do this! 

You need access to a guide that can take you through a provable system! 


“Many thanks. I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia 3 years ago. Had been doing well for quite some time, but a month ago the heartburn returned with a vengeance. I’ve been doing your exercises for almost a day, and have experienced a significant improvement. Again, thank you, thank you!” — Karen Plumb

Your Body Is Not Your Enemy

If you have 30-minutes a day to dedicate to personal practice and if you eat a meal a day, you can do this! 

Finally, Discover  How to Make Peace With Yourself and Feel At Ease With Your Body


You’re about to discover a way to harness your digestive strength and align your body.

  • Imagine how liberating it would be to feel totally at ease with your body again. 

  • Imagine feeling confident, pain-free and at ease at social events.

  • Imagine moving without fear or inhibitions and feeling free to do the things that you love.

But I have to warn you, before I show you the simple techniques that will give you back the keys to your life…you’ll need to ‘unlearn’ somethings that might actually have been making your hiatal hernia and acid reflux worse —

The sad truth is, most doctors have been taught to treat problems with band-aid solutions, pain pills, and surgery. They don’t go any deeper to address the root cause.

Until now you’ve probably been told that PPIs and surgery are your only solution

I’m here to share what I discovered that will finally put an end to all the discomfort you’re experiencing, naturally.


“I found the daily self-care rituals of meditation, goal setting and staying clear about my intentions and what I want to be profound and extremely helpful. I am so glad that I did your program. I have no digestive issues whatsoever, and I feel no anxiety or worry. Plus I lost 15 pounds! ” — Danielle Schrider




 Improve Acid Reflux, GERD and Silent Reflux, Enjoy Your Body, and Be the Strong Person You Were Meant To Be


I created the program for all the people out there who know that they need a stronger, healthier digestion but they’re not sure how to get there…It’s based on my practice since 2006 which is my signature method to learning how to trust your body again, figure out what’s really going on in your digestion and practice the key exercises that will help you see rapid improvement with just 4-weeks.


Getting out of painful digestive issues is amazing, but there are so many additional benefits that will improve your life!  Your digestion is the epicenter of your immune system — not only will you experience a reduction in painful symptoms you will also experience improved immunity, reduced inflammation, more energy, balanced weight, and better mood.

“Amazing. This worked to relieve my feelings of heart palpitations due to GERD. I did it each time I get a flare up. Also, can I just say that Monica is such a kind, caring and helpful person. Gosh, I am just so glad to have randomly found her work in my time of need. Thank you, Monica!" Diana SB

Radically Redefine Your Health and Reclaim Your Digestion with the 4-Week Hiatal Hernia Release Training Program.

Hiatal Hernia Release Training Program has all the bells and whistles you need to achieve real results in the shortest time possible. This program helped me, and hundreds of men and women, balance, strengthen, tone their digestion and reclaim their health and happiness.  

As a lifetime member, you get access to the 3 foundational modules complete with detailed PowerPoint videos, live demo videos, and downloadable lectures and printable resources that will help secure long-lasting results. The modules and supplemental materials serve as a foundation for your self-help journey. The modules are designed to empower you with knowledge and confidence so you can tune in to the messages your body is sending you.


Here’s What’s in the Release Hiatal Hernia Program

  • 3 Modules, LIFETIME access, with videos, cheat sheets, powerpoints and mastery sheets. ($687 value)

  • Recorded lectures where everything is explained for easy understanding ensuring you are safe with all the work. ($287 value)

  • High-quality videos of all diaphragm exercises, massages, and tools. ($287 value)

  • 2 Exclusive bonuses to support your journey.

  • Private FaceBook group for students only. Make connections and be part of a like minded community. Post questions in the group and Monica will answer them within 24-hours. ($350 value)

  • Downloadable PDF Recipes and Checklists (to keep track of your own progress) ($57 value)

  • Group Coaching Call where you can ask Monica questions directly. ($350 value) 

If I were to teach you all of this, it would be $5,000 for a VIP private day.

If you enrolled in one of my coaching programs, it would be over $3,000. Yet, just for being open to learning these ideas, you won’t be paying anything near that.

You can get access to the Release Hiatal Hernia Training Program for just 1 payment of $349.

  • Bonus #1: Meditations For Wellness ($75 value) - The mind and body are not disconnected. Long periods of stress and sudden trauma can cause postural issues in the body. The psoas can be particularly impacted because during periods of chronic emotional stress we overly engage this muscle. This can lead to pelvic issues that cause back pain and breathing difficulties. When releasing these muscular issues it is not uncommon for different emotions to come to the surface. These meditations were created to help you navigate and care for your emotional experiences.


  • Bonus #2: Mindset Training Exercises ($75 value) - Scientists say that stress accelerates the progression of all disease, however, it is not necessarily the stress itself but how we respond to it. The mindset training exercises that you are gifted with in this course will teach you how to respond to the stressors in your life constructively and with empowerment. 

  • Bonus #3:  Monthly Masterclass Series (1-year access).  Each month an expert in a field related to hiatal hernia delivers a masterclass that you can participate in live or watch recorded later in your membership area. ($1,697 value)


Master the art of self-care NOW and gain life balance!


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Q: How much time is this going to take?

A: Once you go through the modules and put together a 20-minute daily routine that works for you, you’ll need JUST 20-minutes a day to do the simple exercises and see results. Your daily practice combines exercises to relieve trigger points in the diaphragm and psoas, breathing techniques, and stress reduction techniques.


Q: How long before I start to see results? 

A: It depends…if you’ve had these issues for a while, it may take longer to see improvements. But if you put in the effort, you’ll feel an improvement in as little as 2 weeks, depending on the effort you put in and how long you’ve had the condition.


Q: Is this for me if I have leaky gut syndrome or another digestive issue?

A: This program is for women and men with hiatal hernia, acid reflux, GERD, and silent reflux that is caused by trigger points in the diaphragm. It’s not intended for men and women with digestive issues that are related to other causes such as leaky gut syndrome or candidas.  If you have these conditions you can gain immense value from the course, but may need additional care to address these specific conditions. 


Q: My doctor says I need surgery, is this for me? 

A: First of all, you should know that conservative therapy (like Release Hiatal Hernia Training Program), should always be tried first before resorting to surgery. And even if you do need surgery in the end, you can (and should) use the Release Hiatal Hernia Training Program to build and strengthen your diaphragm and psoas and correct any underlying issues. Unfortunately, there is a high percentage of recurrence of hiatal hernia after surgery so prevention and identifying the root cause is key.

Next Class February 1st

Hiatal Hernia Release Training Program For Acid Reflux, GERD, & Silent Reflux.

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