10-Day Lymph Detox Customized For Ayurvedic Constitution.

Receive a consultation and assessment, herbal program, and 10-day lymph cleanse customized for your constitution. 

Start Your Lymph Cleanse


Your 10-Day Detox for the Lymph is customized for your constitution and comes with a private consultation and ayurvedic assessment. 

Herbal Program

Your herbal component is handcrafted for your constitution to rid your body of negating toxins while enhancing your immune system strength.

Virtual Course

Your program comes with lifetime access to a virtual course about how to cleanse the lymphatic system and cleanse methods for the lymph.

Do You Need To Cleanse Your Lymph?

Lymph imbalance leads to water retention, difficulty losing weight, and swelling in the low abdomen.  The mind becomes dull, sluggish, and lacks luster. All secretions in the body can increase, including excess mucus in the sinuses, the lungs, the breasts, and intestinal tract. Some benefits of a lymph cleanse include: increased energy, weight loss, calm mind, balanced waters in the body, enhanced digestive function, and strong immunity.

What Comes With Your Program?

Your 10-Day Detox for the Lymph is customized for your constitution and comes with a private consultation and ayurvedic assessment.  During your 10-day detox, you will commit to a journey of self-healing as you powerfully cleanse the deeper layers of your body. Every day, for the next 10- days, you will adopt a specific diet for cleansing the lymph and engage in lifestyle practices that you can maintain for the rest of your life.  After you come off your cleanse you will know exactly what practices to adopt for the season according to your constitution.


What Is In Your Kit?

  • Ayurvedic assessment and constitutional analysis with Monica Yearwood – learn what your doshic type and ideal lifestyle practices are.

  • 10-Day Lymph Cleanse customized for your type.

  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle Practices for the current seasons.

  • Herbal kit (read below)

*** Kit is CUSTOMIZED. These items will be REPLACED for a more appropriate item when indicated. For example, the Nadi body oil is heating and if you have excess heat then we will switch out the Nadi body oil for a cooling body oil instead.

  • Hamsa Greens, 8oz

  • Digest Well Tea, 8oz

  • Triphala Powder, 4oz

  • Nadi Oil for the Lymphatic System, 4oz

  • Nasal Oil, 1/2oz

  • Doshic Specific Body Oil, 8oz

  • 10-Day Supply Of Doshic Supply Of Herbs

  • Niacin

  • Activated Charcoal

It is time to begin the journey and to know yourself. 

Start Your Lymph Cleanse